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The Police

There is roughly one policeman for every 1,900 civilians

At least 40% of active police officers are assigned to administrative duty

Only about 30% of the remaining total is active on shift at any one time

Of the remaining total, about 25% is assigned to investigative work or special tasks

Remember that the police are not there to protect you.  They are only there to respond to calls for assistance, and even then, they admit that it is not their duty to protect you.  They are there to assist after the crime has been committed.  How do the police know who the criminals are?  They have to commit a crime first.  They investigate the crime, catch the perpetrator (if they are lucky) and bring him or her to court.  All after the crime has already been committed. 

Time to think on your feet.  Think of a time where the police have prevented a crime.  Catching CIT robbers before they strike?  Nope, they have already committed a crime by planning the attack, and by acquiring the weapons illegally.  Persons were caught that were committing a crime.  a: Possession of unlicensed firearms, b: conspiracy to commit a crime, and c: attempted CIT robbery.

So you think the police are more responsible, and should be the only people trusted with firearms?  Think again.  Here are the facts, again by Dr. Gary Kleck. 

    Police incidences of accidental shootings are 1,200% higher than that of private gun owners.  That is if you only include the part of the population that legally possess firearms.  Include the entire population, the number rises to a staggering 4,000%

         Only 2% of civilian shootings involve an innocent person being shot

         11% of police shootings involve an innocent civilian being shot

         The police are 50 times more likely to shoot an innocent civilian     that a licensed firearm owner.

         Per capita, the police are 110 times more likely to shoot an innocent civilian that a licensed firearm owner.

         In 1993, the police shot and killed 600 criminals.  They also shot 330 innocent civilians.  That means for every two criminals killed, an innocent person dies by their hand




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