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The Government and Gun Free South Africa

Our government keep eroding our rights.  We as citizens of this country have many rights guaranteed to us in our constitution.  A constitution regarded by the rest of the globe as one of the best in the world. 

One of the provisions in the constitution guarantees the right to property.  Why then, do government ministers get away with creating legislation that criminalise your property, and then takes it away without compensation? 

Our constitution guarantees representation.  Why then does the minister tell rights groups (like S.A.G.A) “We know what you want to say and we are not interested” when creating legislation?

Our government have developed a habit of using the police against the people for ill purposes.  In the media, and in person, many people are intimidated, and even real crimes committed against them by the police.  How many times this year have you read about the police accused of rape, murder, assault, attempted murder, etc? 

The police, according to Gun Free South Africa, should be the only ones allowed to carry guns.  Well, if I am not mistaken, by GFSA’s reasoning, if the citizens are disarmed, then the police wont need guns either, not so?  I can only conclude that GFSA knows that they will never succeed in their goal, but will remain hell-bent on disarming those who did nothing wrong. 



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