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Gun Accidents

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Gun Accidents
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“There is no evidence that victim use of a gun for self-protection provokes offenders into attacking the defending victim or results in the offender taking the gun away and using it against the victim”. – Gary Kleck, Political Psychology


Dr. Kleck's Findings regarding Gun Accidents

Gun Accidents

·        You are twice as likely to die from injuries by plants, insects, animals or extreme weather

·         You are 18 times more likely to choke to death or from falling down stairs

·         You are 40 times more likely to die in a fire

·         You are also 42 times more likely to die by drowning

·         You are just as likely to be killed by falling objects

·         You are 502 times more likely to die in a car accident

·         118 times more likely to die by poisoning

·         38 times more likely to die from medical complications through surgery

·         188 times more likely to die by falling to your death

·         Accidental gun deaths total 0.58% of all accidental deaths.

These are all proven statistics, from the FBI database.  The thesis used only data that was collected in a reliable manner, through reliable sources.  So why oh why do the evil people at GFSA trivialise the countless preventable deaths through other methods? 



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