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Teaching your kids proper shooting discipline

I have found a few clips with kids participating in some shooting sports.  While the children being "killed by guns" as per GFSA are mostly gang bangers killing other gang bangers, and who are mostly over 18's, these are children as young as 10 competing against each other without a single shooting accident. 

A gun culture is not a bad thing at all.  As per research by Gary Kleck, and John Lott, children who participate, or have access to guns through legal channels grow up to be more responsible, and less inclined to participate in illegal activities like drug or alcohol abuse. 

However, GFSA would let you believe that you are raising a little killer by allowing them to shoot real guns.  Throughout history, kids were allowed the use of guns, and it has only been in the last 30 or so years that organisations like GFSA and GCA fabricated these lies.

Besides, shooting ranges are very well controlled, and accidents are very rare, if they happen at all.  But before you let your kids use your firearms, please read the submission by "Nutnfancy" on these pages.





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